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Podcast - Original Oasis Drummer Tony McCarroll on 'Definitely Maybe'

August 28, 2019

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Podcast - Ep. 2: Lee DeWyze Interview

August 22, 2017

Lee DeWyze has been busy since winning American Idol in 2010. 


The singer/songwriter has released four studio albums since that time, and six total.


His latest single, "The Breakdown," musically, is a product of "being experimental in the studio with different sounds and different things." Lyrically, it deals with the hurt of a break-up, inspired by experiences his friends were going through at the time the song was written.


"I think when everyone's going through something, whether it be in a relationship, and let's say they know it's coming to an end ... your body kind of prepares for it in a weird way," DeWyze said. 


"There's always someone that's hurt a little more than the other person. [You] very rarely hear about a break-up and they're both hurting just as much," he said. "And I think that's really where the song stems from for me."


DeWyze recently signed with SONGS Music Publishing, joining artists like The Weeknd and Lorde. The singer/songwriter hopes to continue his success with song placements. TV shows that have featured his music include The Walking Dead, The Fosters and Suits.




"We live in 2017. It's a new era of technology," he said. "People want to discover music. I think we don't live in a time where people want to be told what to listen to."


But even with the new partnership, DeWyze sees himself the same way he always has.


"I'm a songwriter, who went on American Idol, not an American Idol-winner that became a songwriter," he said.


"For me, songwriting is really the epitome of who I am. I am a songwriter first and foremost, and I love the challenge of writing. I love the ups and the downs of songwriting."










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